Prepare for sex

Prepare for sex: Follow these simple steps

Prepare for sex as you prepare for a marathon. To win a marathon, you have to practice for years. Otherwise, you can’t expect to win at the first time you run. The Sexual relationship is also the same as that. In order to have a good and satisfactory sexual life, you have to practice for it. At least you have to keep in good shape, increase your stamina and if you need any supplement then have it.

Therefore, to prepare for sex, you can follow these steps to have a great result.

Prepare for sex
Prepare for sex

Prepare for Sex by Removing your belly fat

Belly fat is the main culprit for having a great sexual experience. You will be not able to perform your best if you increase your waist and love handle. Though you can have sex with your belly fat it will hinder you to achieve maximum pleasure. Your stamina will also decrease and hence low performance.

Both men and women may face it difficult to have sex as great as when they are fit. For men, the extra layer of fat in the baseline of your penis will make it short. For women, the extra layer of fat on the vagina can make difficulty for the men to maximize penetration.

If both men and women are fatty on their bellies then it becomes difficult for them to enjoy sex. They will find difficulty in trying different sexual positions, they will slow down because of tiredness easily.

Therefore, it is very important to keep the belly fat of both men and women under control. If you have excess fat and find it difficult to deal with it, then it is the time to consult a doctor or nutritionist.

Prepare for sex by maximizing your potential

Prepare for sex by having a good shower, and add a pleasant scent or perfume. Make sure that your partner love this scent, otherwise some perfumes may turn off the urge. Try to go to bed naked. If you both bath together and go to bed naked then it will be great as it will encourage skin contact and arousal of libido for sure. But if any one partner is not comfortable with this then better to talk and avoid it.

If you clean your body regularly and maintain good hygiene then you will look sexy. Always make sure you wear clean clothes, particularly the underwear. If there is any odors in your private parts then it will be a turnoff.

If you and your partner have any problem then consult doctor, as many can have problems like itching, ringworm etc.

Use foreplay to arouse your partner to get ready for sex and to have a great sexual experience.

Prepare for sex with oral sex

Oral sex can be said as the most pleasurable part of the sex. It helps to bond with each other more closely as all the body parts are explored by both of the partners. You can do oral sex before, during and after the sexual intercourse, but it is done before the sexual intercourse for most of the time. Oral sex is also a form of foreplay which will prepare both for great sex and maximum pleasure.

For men

For a men, oral sex is almost inevitable to get an erection to its maximum, or to maintain it prior to the penetration. For some men it is ok with a little stimulant but some needs a constant stimulation orally to maintain an erection. It depends on person to person, therefore, talk and discuss with your partner. Women can also provide her men great pleasure by cradling and gently fondling the testicles with their hands. Sucking and kissing the testicles lightly can also provide great pleasure to the men.

Some women are may not be interested in having oral sex as they find it immoral, against their cultural beliefs. It is better to abstain her from oral sex.

For women

There are some women who enjoy both giving and receiving oral sex. To please a woman orally can be done by licking, sucking and kissing on the clitoris to provide a great amount of pleasure. You can insert a finger inside the vagina and at the same time lick and kiss the clitoris to give her climax rather quickly. You can also lick and suck, kiss the clitoris with occasional penetration of your finger inside the vagina. This will really arouse her fast and make her ready for penetration.

For oral sex to be really enjoyable remove the pubic hairs of both partners and keep your whole body clean and smell good, especially the private parts.

Prepare for sex with stimulants

Healthy people with healthy appetite generally don’t need much help, there are some foods and herbs that will help you in your sex life. Asparagus/Ashwagandha and Avocado are not only posh foods. They help you to increase testosterone level and increases hormonal activity in her. It can swell the clitoris and make it very sensitive by giving immense pleasure.

One of the other things is to have a lot of vegetables like spinach and Broccoli. Spinach is rich in folate and helps in circulation of the blood. Rich blood flows lead to having a good time in the bedroom for both men and women. Broccoli reduces Cholesterol, allergic reaction and inflammation. It also contains Vitamin C which is good to improve immunity and increase libido.

Safed/Swet Musli is one of a kind herb which is very good for your sex life.

It has numerous benefits such as

  • Testosterone booster
  • Energy Booster
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Bodybuilding abilities
  • Weight loss
  • Lowers stress
  • Helps to prevent Cancer
  • Helps in infection
  • Helps in Gonorrhea.

Onion and Garlic are a must add food to your diet every day. They are known as aphrodisiac foods, it helps increase libido and also strengthens the reproducing organs. Increases testosterone level in men and increase blood flow resulting in a great and pleasuring sex.

Adding a little chocolate can enhance the mood of both men and women. It is proven that chocolates can enhance your mood and libido. But don’t overdo it. Because it can increase your sugar intake and bad cholesterol. Only a little amount of chocolate is enough for sexy indulgence in bed.


These are the little things you have to do before you go to bed as you prepare for sex. It will make your sexual life pleasuring and enjoyable. What do you do more to enhance your sexual experience?


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