Simple life hacks

Simple life hacks to live an awesome life

Living an awesome, good life is a dream of all. We want to be happy, successful and healthy. So, here are 8 simple life hacks to help you immensely to live a wonderful, awesome life.

Simple life hacks
Simple life hacks

List of points

·     Walk barefoot

·    The chair exercise

·    Calculate your bills

·    Three cups of coffee a day

·    A bowl of card

·    Boil your toothbrush 

·    Magical cocoa

·    Make your own garden

Simple life hacks

1. Walk barefoot:

Walking barefoot is also known as an earthling. Earthing means walking barefoot on soil, grass, and soil. It has tremendous benefits. It increases antioxidants, reduces inflammation and improves sleep.

Researchers found that walking barefoot has a long list of benefits such as benefited skin conductivity, moderated heart rate variability, improved glucose regulation, reduced stress, immunity, reduces heart disease risk, reduces cancer risk, improve cardiovascular health, moderate weight and prevent diabetes.

Simple life hacks

2. The chair exercise:-

Stand up from a chair without the support of hand. This is an exercise. Yes, if you stand from a chair without using your hands then, your thigh muscle and buttocks will strengthen. It will be very helpful at a later age.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The technique is that you have to place your feet firmly on the ground, tighten your stomach muscles and then clasp your buttocks and slowly stand up with ease.

Simple life hacks

3. Calculate your bills:-

While you are in the market for shopping, keep a mental tally of your cost. You just keep a mental tally of your cost. You just add the cost of every item you have purchased in your mind. It is a mental exercise.

This small mental challenge will activate your “Working memory” part of your brain which is crucial for focus, concentration, and planning.

Simple life hacks

4. Three cups of coffee a day:-

Any type of coffee is good for your health. Whether it is instant, espresso or decaffeinated. The presence of phytochemicals or antioxidants in coffee gives protection against diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. It also improves cognitive function, improves reaction time, boosts memory and lowers the risk of Alzheimer.

Simple life hacks

5. A bowl of curd:-

A Cambridge University study last year showed that one small pot (120 gram) of low-fat fermented curd eaten regularly was enough to cut the risk of type 2 diabetes by 28%.

Simple life hacks

6. Boil your toothbrush:-

A toothbrush is a breeding ground for bacteria. Scientists at Manchester University in the UK found that the average toothbrush contains 10 million germs including a high percentage of potentially dangerous bacteria such as E. Coli.                                                                                                                                                    Therefore, to kill these bugs, rinse the brush every few days under boiling water.

Simple life hacks

7. Magical cocoa:-

Researchers at Columbia University Medical center in the US found that antioxidants in cocoa can improve the memory of older people. Men and women aged between 50 to 69 years performed better and faster in memory tests after three months of drinking a brew rich in high doses of cocoa flavanols. The participants at the beginning of the research had the memory of a typical 60-year-old and after three months their memory was equal to a typical 30 to 40-year-old people.

Simple life hacks

8. Make your own garden:-

The most of the green vegetables found in the market are very unhealthy for your body. Because farmers use many pesticides, insecticides to raise the vegetables to increase the productivity. Therefore it becomes inappropriate to consume unless it is organic.                                                                                                     What is the solution to this? You can make a small garden in front, backside or on the roof of your house. Use only organic manures and home decomposed materials. It will serve your daily needs of vegetables. You become healthy by eating fresh vegetables and fit by working for it.

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