Skin care for men. How to take care of your skin?

Being a man and not taking care of your skin is a matter of old days. Gone past the days when a rugged skin, filthy clothes are praised as heroes. Now a day a man wants to become as conscious as women about his beauty and health. And he is appreciated and encouraged by everyone in every field. Besides, who wouldn’t want a smooth, clean and sexy skin and a boosting health.

skin care for men

To stop wrinkles and age lines in your face you must eat healthy food with lots of vegetables.

You can follow these three rules for better skin.

  1. If you have dry skin then use any good soap to bathe and apply any moisturizer to your skin from a good company. I prefer Cocoa Glow from Vaseline.

2. Many people suffer from a general amount of Exima. Such people with Exima should use soaps which only has glycerine and water. You can get these soaps from a pharmacy easily.

3. If your is sensitive then use a soft type of cleanser. Don’t use soaps with fat and cream. And if your skin is oily then don’t even use cold cream because it can close the pores of the skin and develop many problems.

Some more tips to make your skin beautiful.

skin care for men

1. Always clean your skin regularly in the morning and before bed.  Use good soap and cleanser to clean your skin. Do it gently, don’t force your skin and rub it. Only use your hands to clean your face and also clean your ears and neck along with your face.

2. Take good care of your overall health because it is directly connected with your skin health. Never smoke because smoking brings wrinkles to your face and also limit if you drink. Eat healthy food, every day eat lots of vegetables, fruits and drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water.

3. To increase your immune system and concentration, mental power an hour of yoga and pranayama is a must to be done.

4. The sun becomes an enemy of skin if exposed for too much time. Therefore, use at every weather sunscreens 30 spf or above it.

Now you know that you are the desired man by everyone if you take care of your skin and overall health. Hey man, use these solutions and enjoy your life and most of all keep smiling.

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