The 8 daily habits which can kill fertility in Men

If you are planning to become daddy or may be in the future then you have to know these 8 habits which can kill fertility in men.

And if you are trying to get pregnant your partner but not able to then you have to take some  extra note of this situation. Because chances are that you might have infertility problems. In such cases it is the time to visit your Doctor immediately. There are lots of tests to find out if you are infertile. And your Doctor will prescribe you the necessary medications.

However, following some natural tips can save you from undergoing such hectic medical tests and treatments. So, these are the 8 habits which can cause infertility in men.

(1) Alcohol consumption:

The 8 daily habits which can kill fertility in Men
The 8 daily habits which can kill fertility in Men

If you have the habit of heavy drinking then it is the time to bring it down immediately. According to studies consuming more than 60ml of alcohol daily can lower your testosterone levels and cause erectile dysfunction. This can reduce your fertility over time.

2) Smoking habit:

If you’re smoking too much tobacco it is going to directly affect your fertility level. In addition, men that smoke cigarettes will have an increased risk of fertility problems. Some of the fertility problems the smokers are, the risk of are lower sperm count, hormonal issues, and sperm motility problems. Motility is the ability of the sperm to swim towards and penetrate the egg.

3) Your stress:

Recent studies showed that stress can affect your sexual health, but if you are stressing out too much on a daily basis. Being stressed out continuously may suppress the ovulation of women and reduce the sperm count in men and lower libido in both men and women.

A little yoga, pranayama, and meditation can help you tackle the issue of stress. Start your day with pranayama and yoga and then little meditation. This will make you free from stress and calm your mind and body.

4) Wearing tight clothes:

Tight clothes no doubt make you stylish. The need to wear stylish clothes is necessary for each individual. But make sure they are not too tight. Tight clothes can seriously damage your sperm’s health. Tight clothes affect the normal circulation of blood in your lower body, especially your groin and knees. This can impact the ejaculation of sperms.

5) Use of toothpaste and sunscreens:

Toothpaste and sunscreens are proven to have negative effects on the fertility of men. The harmful chemicals in these products can be critical to fertilization and make your sperm less sensitive to female hormones.

6) Hormonal imbalance:

Hormones in the body play a very important role in your sexual health. Because the low testosterone will lead to low sperm count. To find the possibility of hormonal imbalance in your body you need to get your blood tested and check for the levels of all sex hormones in your body.

7) Ego on Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction is not a matter of shame and ego but a matter of low sexual health. This could also be a psychological problem than actual ED problem. We should admit the fact that, erectile dysfunction is very common in men and can be cured very easily.

8) Fitness regime:

The 8 daily habits which can kill fertility in Men
The 8 daily habits which can kill fertility in Men

The fitness of your body is very important for maintaining a healthy life. But if you’re working out too hard, this could indirectly lower the testosterone level in your body. And it is very important to stay away from steroids, as they can shrink your testicles resulting in infertility.


These are the eight habits which can make a man infertile. Avoiding these habits and situations can help ou to increase fertility naturally. Therefore, take a note of it and try to avoid them from today, if you have any of these habits. How did you find the post? Please do comment and share your thoughts and queries.

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