benefits of honey on face


Honey is beneficial for the face or skin, especially for acne, and other skin related illness.


What is honey?

Honey is the natural sweetener produced by the honey bees. It is the world’s oldest sweetener which is even mentioned in the Bible and in cave paintings.

What are the benefits of Honey?

There are numerous health benefits of honey. Honey can be beneficial to cure allergies, for a cough, for constipation, for diabetes, for digestion, for diarrhea, for an eye infection, for hair problems, high blood pressure etc. It can be called as a natural storehouse of medicines because of its tremendous benefits.

Honey also has many benefits for your skin and other skin related diseases. My wife has been using honey for many years on her face and she has benefited from it. Her skin is soft, clean, glowing, no pimples, no oiliness, and no scar or red marks.

Let me tell you in detail about the benefits of honey for the face.

Benefits of honey for the face and skin

Honey has been used as a beauty product from centuries ago. It is natural medicine. The honey should be pure and in raw form to achieve maximum benefits.

The list of benefits of honey for the face

  • For Eczema (Inflammation of the skin)
  • For Insomnia (Sleeplessness)
  • For Psoriasis
  • It is an exfoliator
  • Helpful in sunburn
  • Skin lightening and brightening
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Skin cleanser
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Honey brightens skin complexion
  • It provides Skin health
  • Also a Skin Hydrator
  • Scar Remover

For eczema (Inflammation of skin)

Sugar is considered as one of the main reasons of getting eczema. Honey contains very less amount of sugar in it. Therefore, it is safe to eat honey as a prevention of eczema.

Moreover, honey with cinnamon or lime or apple cider vinegar would help to reduce the chances of getting eczema. The Manuka honey is found to treat the skin condition of extreme Eczema too. And it is even used by doctors in clinics.

The honey can be applied directly on the skin as an ointment. It also helps to treat other skin related diseases.

Benefits of honey on the face for Insomnia (Sleeplessness)

If you are suffering from Insomnia, your skin will suffer. Dark spots and wrinkles are more easily visible and can occur quickly. So, it is important to get a sound sleep to get a soft and clean skin.

Honey helps to release serotonin in the body. And the serotonin is converted into melatonin in darkness and cure sleeping disorder.

Honey also relaxed the body and signals the brain to rest. It has an amino acid that acts against Insomnia. A night of good sleep does not only facilitates your skin but also improves your immune system.

Benefits of honey for the face psoriasis

The psoriasis is a skin condition which is caused by an overactive immune system. Symptoms of psoriasis are inflammation, flaking, and thick, white, silver or red colored patches of skin.

Applying honey on the affected area would reduce the inflammation, itching, and irritations. Honey also protects the area from any other infections. It increases your immunity system and increases the antibacterial properties. These properties helps the skin by protecting it from cracking and bleeding.

Therefore, apply raw and pure honey directly on the affected area to get benefits of honey for the face psoriasis.

Benefits of honey on the face as an exfoliator

Honey is a gentle exfoliator for your face and skin. The benefits of honey on your face can be felt just applying honey in your face to exfoliate the dirt and germs. It gently exfoliates the dark skins to give you a clear and better complexion skin.

Benefits of honey in the face for Sunburn

Honey has the properties to help in conditions like burns. In Ayurvedic medicine, honey is being used as a lotion to treat burn scars and patches. That makes honey as a natural cream or lotion for treating sunburns.

Benefits of honey in the face for skin lightening and brightening

Applying raw honey directly on your face is a sure shot way to lighten your skin along with making it brighten.

For better results, you can mix honey with yogurt and apply on your face. This will lead to lighter and brighter skin.

Natural Moisturizer

Honey is a natural moisturizer for your skin. Say goodbye to those expensive moisturizer creams and apply raw honey on your face for three to five times a week.

The enzymes present in honey easily can enter in the skin and moisturize it from deep within. Therefore, we can see that almost every moisturizer products use honey in it.

Benefits of honey for the face as a skin cleanser

Honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which makes it a natural cleanser of your skin. It has also antioxidant and antiseptic properties which cleanse the blackheads and whiteheads from your skin. It also prevents both black and white heads.

This makes honey a natural cleanser and protector of your skin. And it has no side effects if you are not allergic to honey.

The benefits of honey in reducing the wrinkles on the face

The face gets wrinkles due to the increase in age and tension along with many other reasons. Honey can be a very effective measure for your face wrinkles as it has antioxidant properties.

You can apply honey with curd for fifteen minutes on your face and let it get dry. After that wash gently the mixture without using any soap or face wash, by only simple water.

Benefits of honey for the face and body skin complexion brightening

Honey has properties which can be beneficial for brightening your skin complexion. Every women wants to make herself more whiter skin complexion.

Therefore, they can use raw honey as a natural and non-harmful way to make their complexion brighter.

Benefits of honey for the face skin health

Honey is one of the most useful natural substance for your skin. It reduces the skin infection, abnormal thickening of the skin, itching and other problems. Redness of the skin, scaling and other problems can be reduced up to 80%, by using honey. Using honey for skin will give a radiant and blemish free skin.

To be sum up, we can say that honey can improve the overall health of the skin.

Benefits of honey on the face as skin Hydrator

Honey is good for dry skin and to keep your skin hydrated, fresh and smooth all the time. Because it has a natural humectant, which is a substance that preserves or retains moisture from the air.

Therefore you can use honey instead of skin lotions or food additives for the loss of moisture on your skin.

Honey as a Scar Remover

Honey is useful in lightning scar marks, dark circles, and spots from your face and body. Because it has antioxidant properties, a natural moisturizer, and has antiseptic property.

It can be effective in lightening scar marks and other spots as it minimizes any inflammation.

Pimple and acne free skin

Another benefit of honey for the face is that antibacterial properties of raw honey help you having you a pimple free skin. Because acne is caused mainly by the dust and oil deposited on the skin. Honey does not permit the bacteria to penetrate your skin and give you pimples.

Therefore use raw honey and enjoy a pimple free skin to give you confident and energy boost.

Final thought

Honey is very much beneficial for the face and skin related illnesses. But always be sure to buy pure honey to achieve maximum benefit without any side effects from it.

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