Benefits Of Lemon Water

The Benefits Of Lemon Water For Health

I didn’t know the benefits of lemon water for my health till taking it myself. From our childhood days, we have heard about the benefits of lemon water from our parents and older generations.

Benefits Of Lemon Water
Benefits Of Lemon Water

They were not able to tell me the exact and all the benefits of drinking lemon water. Therefore, before deciding to drink it myself, I have done some research and jot down the benefits.

I have been drinking lemon water from months now and it followed some amazing results for my health.

Here are the benefits I am able to achieve and found researching about it.

1. It Maintains the PH Balance

To maintain the PH balance of the body drink a glass of hot water with lemon juice. PH means the potential of Hydrogen, measures the acid or alkaline levels of a solution. Lemon has the property of acid which helps us to maintain the PH balance.

2. Benefits of Lemon Water for Our Immune system

As a rich source of Vitamin C, Lemon Water can improve our immune system. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant which enhances the immune system and has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It will be more beneficial if you add honey with the warm water and Lemon.

3. Lemon Water Benefits To Fight Infections

Vitamin C is good to fight against viral infections and respiratory tracts infections. It also helps sore throat and inflammation of tonsils. Another element found in Lemon is potassium which also helps to reduce inflammation.

4. Benefits of Lemon water for Common Cold

I have had the problem of common cold from my childhood days. It regularly disturbed me until I began to drink Lemon with warm water. Now, as I am writing this, my common cold has disappeared.

I am not sure why it works but maybe because of the vitamin C in Lemon fights cold an helps to remove phlegm. And as it enhances the power of our immune system cold can’t catch us easily.

5. Benefit of Lemon Water for Digestive Health

Lemon Water can aid in your digestion process. Drinking lemon water in the morning would “take off” the waste left on the digestive mucosa-thus cleaning our digestive system.

Drinking lemon with warm water every morning I have found that it helps to prevent constipation. Just after drinking it I have to go to the bathroom to clear my stomach.

6. Lemon Water for Skin

Water is essential to retain moisture of our skin. And Vitamin C may help you to reduce wrinkles, dry skin from aging, Sun burn, and rashes.

When we combine Lemon with warm or hot Water it is more beneficial for your skin. It can brighten your skin, make it smooth, remove dark spots, acne, and other skin problems.

Though there are not much research is done, this study found that a Citrus based drink like Lemon Water can help the hairless mice to prevent wrinkles.

7. Benefits of Lemon Water for weight loss

Against the popular beliefs lemon water doesn’t have fat burning properties. Even warm or hot water with lemon will not speed up your metabolism rate.

But drinking lemon water will keep you hydrated, helps to flush out the toxins and waste materials from our body. Instead of popcorn or juice, we can drink lemon water to get help in weight loss.

8. Benefits of Lemon water for our Liver health

The Liver plays a vital role in detoxifying our body, by breaking down the toxins to get rid of them. Lemon water reduces the inflammation and oxidation in the liver and keep it healthy.

According to this study published in 2014, Naringenin is a compound that calms liver inflammation is found in lemons.

Another study in “Life Sciences found that Eriocitrin, which is a flavonoid found in lemons, protect the liver against the oxidative stress induced by exercises.

This study published in 2003 found that vitamin C in lemons can reduce oxidative stress. It prevented the development of Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in choline-deficient diet fed rats.

Some other benefits of lemon water are as following

  • Lemon water is beneficial for eye health
  • The potassium in lemon is good for the brain and nerve cells
  • Lemon water helps to reduce joint and muscle pain as it dissolves uric acid
  • Drinking lemon water adds natural antioxidants to your body, helping reduce the chances of getting the flu
  • Lemon is a great source of magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, citric acid, etc.
  • It contains pectin fiber which is good for your colon health and also serves as an antibacterial agent
  • Lemon water is good for dental health as it prevents gingivitis
  • It keeps you hydrated by providing electrolytes to the body
  • Vitamin C present in Lemon can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke, and lower blood pressure
  • The citric acid present in lemons can help to prevent or flush out kidney stones.

The Overview

There are many incredible benefits of drinking lemon water regularly for our health. I have been daily taking it and reaping the benefits from it. The main concern is that lemons contain citric acid, which can erode our tooth enamel. To limit the risk, we can use a straw, don’t drink only lemon juice without mixing with water, and rinse our mouth well after drinking it.


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