The Effects of Fasting on erectile dysfunction on Men

From the age of 25, the testosterone levels of men begin to decrease and continue to till the end. Reduced testosterone leads to decreased libido and erectile dysfunction.

Some other causes of erectile dysfunctions are high blood pressure and high blood sugar or diabetes, and heart diseases.

Fasting and erectile dysfunction

Intermittent fasting may be helpful to lower blood sugar level, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. Intermittent fasting quickens the healing process and reverses cardiovascular disease. Our cells repair much faster when we are doing fast and it has helped to eliminate many addictions, such as smoking tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

fasting and erectile dysfunction
fasting and erectile dysfunction

These addictions are one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. As intermittent fasting may be able to eliminate the addictions and improves our overall health, so it is a very useful way to treat erectile dysfunction.

Other benefits of fasting:

  • Corrects the digestion process
  • Strengthen the mind and the concentration power increases
  • The vital body organs get complete rest
  • Fasting helps to clear the poison in the body
  • Rejuvenates the body, restores the youthful condition of the cells and tissues
  • Fasting helps to conserve energy
  • It helps to establish normal physiological chemistry and normal secretions
  • The overall body function improves.

An intermittent fasting may be helpful to cure erectile dysfunction slowly by detoxicating, rejuvenating your health. You are likely to have low libido at the time of intermittent fasting as this study found. But as you restore taking adequate meal then the sexual desire returns, testosterone levels increases and more likely to be affected by erectile dysfunction.

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