Tips on meditation

Tips On Meditation: 17 Important Tips To Improve Meditation

Whether you are a veteran or a novice, these 17 tips on meditation will keep you motivated. Because everyone needs some inspiration in their journey. Try these tips for yourself and find out which ones work for you.

Here are the 17 tips on meditation:
Meditation tips
Meditation tips
Tips On Meditation 1: Always wear comfortable clothes

Clothes are the first area of preference in meditation. Always wear loose, comfortable clothes. Don’t try to sit down with your jeans and t-shirt and start meditating, if you have a choice. If you can, then wear a pair of pajamas. If you are in your office then at least wear lose your belt and tie.

Tips On Meditation 2: Set a time and place and bind to it, always

This is one of the best and important tip on meditation that you have to be disciplined. You have to set a time, suppose morning 7, and a place (it can be your garden or backyard) and bind to it. Always keep your promise which you do to yourself to be on time in the same place for every day. This way you will be able to continue your meditation session in every difficulty.

Tips On Meditation 3: Breathing is the masterstroke

Yes, breathing has so much importance on meditation that you can’t forget about it anyway. If you are losing focus or going out of your mind then start focusing on your breath. You will find that your focus is restoring. Then you can continue with whatever technique you’ve been working on.

Tips On Meditation 4: Try Some Stretching before Meditation

Stretching is a great way to calm down your muscles and make them flexible. If you perform some stretching exercises or yoga before meditating, it will help you to sit still for long. This way your meditation session will increase and become more effective.

Tips On Meditation 5: Keep On Experimenting With Meditation Positions

Why not experiment with your position of meditation? You don’t have to stick to one position and continue it for life. Try different positions to keep yourself motivated. If you usually sit down to meditate then try lying down or standing position may be. It doesn’t matter what you do but keep experimenting on your position of meditating.

Tips on meditation
Tips on meditation
Tips On Meditation 6: Continue to educate yourself about meditation

Always read new topics, books, and posts about meditation and keep learning about it. Try to learn about everything you can. This will help you to understand meditation, its past or history and what is going to happen in the future. This will make your meditation practice more enriching.

Tips On Meditation 7: Avoid Meditating with full stomach

Is it sounding like your grandma is giving advice? Well, it is very much practical and scientific. If you eat a stomach full of meals before your meditation session then you will not be able to focus on it correctly. Because your stomach will busy i digesting the food you have eaten and your body want to take rest along with your mind.

There are many chances that you will either feel sleepy or going to fall asleep while meditating.

Tips On Meditation 8: Always Keep it Simple

Don’t think so much about whether you are achieving your goals or not. Don’t give more emphasis on the right place, right cloth or the right environment than the actual Meditation. Don’t fret that you don’t have a good environment, incense sticks, and candles. Always keep it mind that the most important purpose of meditation is to gain peace and keeping your thoughts still.

Tips On Meditation 9: Play Some Music

Play some music behind you on soft sound to help you to concentrate. But you can’t play hard rock or jazz and expect to concentrate on meditation. Rather, play some classical music or the music especially, composed for the meditation purpose.

Meditation tips
Meditation tips
Tips On Meditation 10: Light A Candle

You can use a candle to focus and concentrate, especially in a dark room. But as the candle flame moves it may become difficult for you to concentrate. And some people prefer to close their eyes to meditate (I also prefer it).

Here is a nice tip on using a candle for meditation. Choose a scented candle. Find the scent you love and that relaxes and build the atmosphere for you.

Tips On Meditation 11: Create A Mental Folder To Keep The Worries

Sometimes it is not easy to keep aside your worries and start meditation. Therefore, this simple tips on meditation work well. You have to put aside your worries and tension in a mental folder. This mental folder will keep storing your tension and worries for the time you are meditating. Promise your mind that you are coming back on these thoughts just after you finish your meditation session.

The tricks do well and many a time you will find that you never return to the mental folder again!

Tips On Meditation 12: Get a Meditation Companion

When you will have another person committed to meditate every day at he same time, it will be easier for you to continue . Because you will promise each other to never miss a session. This way, you will feel more positive and enthusiastic to carry on your meditation session to carry on your goals.

Tips On Meditation 13: Take Short Breaks Between Meditation

When you are just starting out five minutes of commitment towards meditation seems to be difficult. But if you take short breaks or just do one-minute meditation sessions for several times you are good. These simple steps of taking breaks and meditating for one minute will slowly increase by time being. You will not be aware when your a minute of session becomes a quarter of an hour long.

Tips On Meditation 14: Remove All The Obstacles

When it comes to doing a thing we promise none other than ourselves, there come many obstacles. These obstacles don’t come from outside but from the inside of our mind. Suppose, you are going to meditate you will remember that some important work to do about your current project, checking of emails, important phone calls to do etc. But there is no actual need to hurry about those activities. Your first priority always should be your physical and mental health.

Therefore, it is essential to do your meditation session just after you wake up in the morning. This should be the first thing you do in the morning. Don’t let it come second in any way.

Tips on Meditation
Tips on Meditation
Tips On Meditation 15: Be Realistic

You are not going to meditate for half an hour when you are just beginning to meditate. And there is no need to. Take your time and give your mind to form the habit of it. You are not going to do everything as planned for some times. Because there will be many unforeseen circumstances to hinder your meditation session. But the only thing is to never give up and come back to meditating after you have taken an unfortunate break for days.

Tips On Meditation 16: Sit in Silence, if you can’t meditate

In the beginning days, it will be difficult to sit and concentrate on your breath. Many thoughts and worries will play in your mind. Don’t worry and do not fight with these thoughts and obstacles. Just sit in silence and let the thoughts come by and your mind wander. This is just the beginning and the first step of meditation. Your mind will be ready to meditate after some days.

Tips On Meditation 17: Stop worrying about emptying your mind

A lot of people thinks that mediation is all about clearing your mind and making it empty of thoughts. But in practice, our mind can’t stop thinking for a second and it is not possible to always keep it empty. Therefore, don’t give so much emphasis on clearing your mind. Just continue your meditation session and try to enhance your attention level. It will surely boost your concentration power.

The Overview

By keeping these 17 tips in mind and revisiting it you will be able to remain committed to your meditation session. And sooner or later you will reach your goal for sure.

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