Types Of Meditation

Types Of Meditation: Different Meditation Style And Techniques To Fit Your Goals

There are different types of meditation for everyone to suit your goals, personality, and mood. No matter where you go in life, you can find a meditation style that suits your needs.

Types Of Meditation
Types Of Meditation

Basically, all the meditation contains three underlying principles. The first is that you have to keep the focus on one object at a time no matter what.

The second principle is that you have to bring back your wondering thoughts to one object.

The third is that you need to ignore distractions: irrelevant thoughts and body sensations that take away from your goal of meditation.

Though the basic element of meditation is alike, you have many choices to choose from different types of meditation. Here are some of the types of meditation to quiet your mind.

Types Of Meditation- 1: Movement Meditation:

You don’t have time for meditation or maybe can’t sit still. But don’t worry, there is a type of meditation called movement meditation created only for you.

When we multitask at breakneck speed- it doesn’t take long to get distracted from your real purpose. You find that you are less productive than you thought. Therefore, the practice of moving meditation can be its remedy.

Begin to notice the larger movement of the body, for example, the movement of legs and arms. Then you slowly shift your focus on to the smaller, subtle movements of the body, for example, your blink of eyes, breathing etc. You don’t have to do this for long, only a minute or two will do the job for you.

Movement meditation can be done with any activity you do. All you need to do is slow down the performance of your chosen activity. This will force you to become fully aware of the present moment. It can be done while you are doing your household activities, official works, and other things like washing dishes, mowing lawns etc.

Types Of Meditation- 2: Walking Meditation

Walking is a great exercise for your physical health and mental stress relief. But you may be surprised to know that walking can be used as a meditation tool! It is true.

To meditate while walking, you have to shift your attention. You have to observe the sensations you normally ignore. As you know walking is an exercise that relieves from stress and anxiety, you can fully experience the moment. You can concentrate your breathing while walking and enjoy the sensations you get while walking.

During walking and meditating, keep your chin straight. Look ahead, not down on the ground. This way you will be able to focus on your breath or inner sensations properly. Because people who walk by looking downward are absorbed in unwanted thoughts and emotions.

Types Of Meditation-3: Lying Down Meditation

Lying down meditation is a popular type of meditation. You have to get a good pillow and a mattress. If you want to do it on the ground then you are welcome, but ensure that place a mattress or something comfortable.

Lie down straight and rest your head on the pillow. It is recommended to bend your legs, knees pointing towards the ceiling. But don’t allow them to spread outward so that you can be able to concentrate.

Now you are ready to try this meditation technique. Focus on your breath. Clear out all the other thoughts from your mind. If it begins to divert from breathing, count your breath and mind will concentrate on the breathing again.

Types Of Meditation
Types Of Meditation
Types Of Meditation-4: The Gap Meditation

The gap meditation is the type of meditation where you focus not on the inhaling and exhaling of your breathe, but the short gap of time between you inhale and exhale.

This gap is the time period when your inhale transforms into an exhale and vice versa. If you are observant enough, you can be able to find the gap. You have to find the gap and concentrate on it.

As you become an expert in finding the split of the second between your breath, you may find profound inner peace of mind.

Types Of Meditation- 5: The Mantra Meditation

The most popular mantra used in the practice of meditation is ‘Ohm.’ But it is not the only mantra meditators use. They use different words of spiritual enlightenment and religious or spiritual words.

In the mantra meditation, meditators don’t focus on their breath, instead, they say and focus on the word.

But remember one thing that use simple word and don’t use a tongue twister. It can be simple as Love, Peace, etc.

Follow the following instructions to practice mantra meditation
  • Take a comfortable position while sitting or lying down.
  • Completely relax by taking several deep breaths.
  • Say loudly your mantra or word to begin, slowly and steadily. Time your repetition so that it aligns with your breath. Take a deep breath and while you exhale chant the word or mantra you choose.
  • After 5 to 10 minutes of loud chant, this time shout it in your mind silently. Do this for another 10 minutes. Don’t allow your thoughts to creep in and focus on the chant.
  • After that sit or lyi still for some time to bring yourself back to the real world with peace of mind.
Types Of Meditation -6: Mindful Meditation

This is among the most used meditation type which is also called insight meditation. Here, in this meditation, your goals are to focus on the events occurring around you and at the same time being aware of your thoughts and feelings.

Here are the steps included to practice mindful meditation
  • Take a comfortable position
  • Keep aside all the thoughts of past and future
  • Then focus on the breathing, and pay attention to the rising and falling of your abdomen. Feel the air entering through your nose and exhaling through the mouth.
  • Focus on each and every thought you have in your mind at this time. Don’t suppress your thoughts regardless of what they are- worries, fears, hope, or anxiety. Just take notice of them and calm down.
  • Take your time and let your mind wander with your thoughts, observe where your mind went. Then, after some time return to focusing on your breathing for a short time.
  • When your meditation session ends, sit or lye for a minute or two so that you get aware of the situation where you are.
  • Slowly wake up from the meditation.
Type Of Meditation-7: Meditation Of Emptying Your Mind

In this meditation, you have to clear your mind, make it thoughtless so that your mind gets some rest.

Meditation of all kinds forces you to stop the steady stream of thoughts that come to your mind all day long. It breaks the addiction to thinking.

Emptying your mind meditation is one of the best meditation to help you to break the habit of constant thinking. Especially, it helps you to cut the negative thoughts and focus the positive ones.

Here are the steps to empty your mind
  • Sit comfortably and keep away all the discomfort
  • Empty your mind and think of nothing
  • When any thought enters your mind force it away, and don’t let your mind focus on anything
  • Take your time to stand from the mediation after the session ends.

That’s all you have to do. but don’t take it for granted because it is much harder than you think. it is not easy to empty your mind and think nothing. though it takes time, practicing regularly will definitely improve your ability to empty your mind.

Types Of Meditation-8: The Vibration Meditation

In this meditation, you have to use a mantra or chant. You have to repeat chanting a mantra or word. And this is the focal point of this meditation. The word is not important but the echo that vibrates throughout your body is. Let the vibration enters every part of your body to heal it.

Here are the steps that you have to take to practice this meditation.
  • Take a comfortable position either sitting, standing or lying down
  • Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself
  • Choose your word. It can be anything like peace, harmony, or Ohm. The actual word doesn’t matter
  • Repeat the word loud out. Again and again, shout out loud so that the sound resonate throughout your entire body. Let the vibration begin with your abdomen then it spread to your arms, legs, to all your body parts
  • Relax your muscles and let them move while you chant the mantra.
Types Of Meditation
Types Of Meditation
Types Of Meditation- 9: The Body Scan Meditation

This meditation is to be aware of your body, without any type of opinion and judgment about them. You have to do this meditation without any bias, thoughts of either good or bad about your body parts. Many experts believe that you have to invest thirty minutes of your time in this meditation but every minute is worth it.

It is found to reduce chronic pain and an effective way to cope with it. Following steps are included to practice this meditation technique.

  • Lie down on your bed or use a comfortable mat. In this meditation, you should be able to lie comfortably without any physical difficulties
  • Take a mental note of your body parts that are in contact with the bed or mat
  • Release any thought of past and future from your mind and try to get rid of them. You have to remain in this present moment.
  • Focus on your body and ignore everything else. Approach to each part of your body one by one with “friendliness” without any judgment.
  • Start observing your left foot. But don’t try to move or visualize the foot. You have to simply become aware of it.
  • Continue to observe your each body parts in a systematic form. Mediate and observe each leg, then gradually shift your awareness to the other parts until you scan your head.
  • After scanning the head you have to try to feel the entire body as a whole. Feel that your head is connected to the neck, which is connected with your chest and other parts etc.
  • At last, scan your skin. Feel the different sensations like body temperature, roughness or softness of the skin etc.
  • Before completing the meditation, you should have an amplified awareness of your whole body as an organism.
The Overview

All these nine types of meditation are worth trying out. If you try one type of meditation and find good result don’t content with it. Try every meditation I have mentioned here so that you can get benefits from each of these meditation techniques. Thank you.


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