Walking, the Wonderful Wonder

Walking, the Wonderful Wonder

Walking, the Wonderful Wonder
Walking, the Wonderful Wonder

Not everybody has a robust body and capacity to run miles. It would be very good to run a lot. Running can do wonder to you for your body and mind. But people like me are not very fond of running or simply don`t have the capacity to run a marathon. What shall we do then?  We can WALK Every day. Walking barefoot also have a lot of awesome benefits. Here is some of them.

Walking caress our heart

Walking can prevent us from heart diseases. Because it lowers the level of bad cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol. Researchers found that Walking reduces the risk of high blood pressure and strokes.

Walking Boosts Immune system

The immune system is the cause of a whole lot of problems and illness for us. Walking for 30 minutes a day can strengthen our immune system. It is very difficult to fight regular diseases like cold, cough, sneeze, allergy and sinusitis without a strong immune system. Researchers of Appalachian State University in North  Carolina found that Walking for 20 minutes for daily reduces the chances of getting sick by 43%.

walking Eases Asthma

People who have breathing problems like asthma and sinusitis can be benefited tremendously from breathing. Because a decent pace of 2 or 3 kilometers per hour walk increases our breathing speed and therefore increases the intake of oxygen in the bloodstream.

Lose some Weight

Losing weight is pretty hard especially when you have to go to a gym or do heavy workouts regularly. The good news is that the modest level of exercise, i.e. Walking reduces your fat effectively. Walking increases our metabolism by burning unwanted calories and prevents muscle loss.

Walking brings positivity

Walking in the morning increases the oxygen flow to the brain which curbs out stress and tensions. Therefore we become more positive and jolly. Our productivity for the whole day will increase and we can achieve more in everything we do.

Walk to sleep sound

Walking can lead to good and sound sleep. Which in turn increases our ability, immunity, and capability.

Walking retains Memory power

We all know that our memory rapidly decreases after 40 years of age. Researchers found that Walking regularly for some minutes can slow down the shrinking of the brain and the faltering mental skills that comes with the age.

Reduces Cancer Risk

Walking reduces the risk of breast and Uterine Cancer. Researchers of Harvard University Women Health Study found that two to three hours of walking a week can reduce 19% of Cancer risks in Women. And three two five hours a week reduces the Cancer risk of breast and uterine by 54% in women.

Strengthens Muscles

Walking strengthens your muscles of the whole body. Because at the time of walking the whole body is on the move. It also keeps pressure off from your joints, hence reduces arthritis pain.

Adds  Vitamin D

Walking can add your vitamin D intake tremendously. Because by Walking outside in the morning we are directly contacted with the sunshine and fresh air. This Vitamin D intake is essential for the strength of the bones prevents cancer and Diabetes type 1.

Therefore Walking is must if you want to gain total control over your body an mind. By the way, I walk every day in the morning. Do you?                            

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