What Is Numerology? Numerology Numbers Meanings

Numerology numbers has different meanings for each number.
Numerology numbers has different meanings for each number. Each has own power, traits and characteristics. They are very powerful and affects our life beyond imaginable.
Numerology numbers meaning

What Is Numerology?

We all fall for at least one number in our life. We may not know and understand that what is a number which comes to our mind, shows us its face again and again. At least, I am between those people who believe in numbers and seek more knowledge and try to understand its meanings.

Numerology is the study of the numbers which influence and affects everything in the universe from people to things. It is a mystical and magical science that seeks to uncover the power of the numbers.

When you use numerology, it can reveal the hidden talents of you, create self-knowledge and understanding that will develop your personal growth. It helps you to find your purpose in life and set you towards the right path.

Where did numerology come from?

The ancient practice of numerology is seen as skepticism and has a shady past. Some people considered it as an otherworldly thing having relevancy to real life and others thought it as a supernatural art and had overly sentimental about the numbers.

For the average people, numerology is seen as the same as palmistry, astrology, scrying, and hold little significance in their life.

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The Root Of Numerology

The basic principle of numerology is to create an association between the frequency of each individual and the universe by using the numbers. Numerologists assess the numbers that are classified through the date-of-birth and original name.

These numbers give insights about the person; his personality, character, both good and bad. And these ideas about the life of a person can show the path of his life.

The History Of Numerology

Pythagoras regarded as the father of numerology as he was the first person to master the practice of numerology. As a renowned mathematician, he paved the way for this ancient theory to prosperity.

He realized that just as a triangle can be expressed by its measurements, the universe can also be measured or expressed through the numbers.

The history of numerology can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Greece, India, China, and Rome among others.

Numerology is originated and said to be as old as the human race or older. Because, in the time of ancient gods, numerology was considered as the universal language.

How Do The Numbers Affect Your Life?

In numerology, it is believed that numbers play an important role in our life. For example, your life path number can be attained by adding your birth numbers, which has a constant effect on our life. If you ignore this number then you may notice that undesirable outcomes happen in your life. Not only your life path number but all the numbers have effects on your life more than you can imagine.

Numerology is not mere numbers to be added and subtracted like the algebra. It is believed in numerology that every number has its own qualities, properties, and traits. The numbers affect your life depending upon the energies around you. In fact, the numbers themselves are powerful energy which can influence your life in many ways.

You can master your life if you can master these numbers.

How To Add The Numbers?

Before you learn about the meanings of the number you have to know how to add the numbers which will lead you in your life.

It is very simple to add the numbers. You have to simply add the digits individually and the sum total of the numbers is your desired number. Let explain: 5,721= 5+7+2+1= 15= 1+5= 6. As the number is a two-digit number we have to again add between the numbers to get the desired number. So, the number is 6.

Take another example of Harry= His birth date is 15-11-1984= 1+5+1+1+1+9+8+4= 30 = 3+0= 3. Hence, the number of Harry is 3.

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Numerology Numbers Meanings

The father of numerology, Pythagoras believed that the numbers had souls. It is believed that every number is alive and they have their own distinct qualities and magical properties. As such every number has the power of its own and has a trait and quality.

Here is the meaning of each number
Meanings Of Number 1

The number 1 is the first number in numerology and also called primordial force. Its intrinsic nature is of a new beginning and creativity. It has characteristics like pure energy, positivity, and will power.

Number 1 is also traits like strong leadership, confidence, and strength. This number is seen as the creator of the divine one God.

It is an auspicious number. Number 1 symbolizes the beginning, the first mover, leader, and doing first everything.

Meaning Of The Number 2

The number 2 is seen as the number of balance and duality. It also indicates the judgment, where two opposite views or things are taken into consideration.

In the far eastern countries, number 2 is considered lucky but in the Pythagorean system, this number is very unlucky.

Number 2 also refers to extremity and a sign of indecisiveness where you have to make difficult choices. Some refer to it as the number existence since nothing in the universe can exist ever without two polarities; the positive and negative.

Meaning Of Number 3

The number 3 is considered a lucky number. It is closely associated with intuition, magic, and advantage. Number 3 signifies creativity, good fortune, and success.

Many people believe that number 3 also refers to time; past, present, and future, or a beginning, middle, and end. And as the number of magic, there are many rituals and spiritual practices that require to be done three times in succession.

Meaning Of The Number 4

The stable things like tables, chairs, and all the big structures, stands on four legs. The number 4 signifies the strong foundation and stability.

In the Pythagorean system, the number 4 is considered as the perfect number. Number 4 is also referred to as the number of the Earth and the four elements (fire, air, water, and earth).

Meaning Of Number 5

This number is a dynamic force, which is characterized by adventure and daring. Number 5 is also referred to as the marriage between heaven and earth.

This number also signifies harmony and peace and it urges that some action or adventure must be taken in any circumstances.

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Meaning Of The Number 6

The number 6 symbolizes love, beauty, and sex. The Pythagorean system, this number is called as the perfect number. It is also a symbol of luck.

In the Bible, it is written that God has created the world in 6 days; therefore, 6 has been associated with creation and completion.

The Meaning Of The Number 7

Number 7 is esoteric and mystical. It also has traits like imagination and occult. It is considered as the number of perfection and magic. In the Pythagorean system number 7 is called the septad.

In the Bible, it is written that after God created the world in 6 days, God rested on the seventh day. So, people have referred to number 7 as the number of rest and completion. It is also referred to as the number of the universe.

Meaning Of Number 8

This number commonly known as the number of infinity, and represents success, abundance, and wealth. Since there is no end to this number, it also has a quality of momentum.

Number 8 also symbolizes harmony and balance. In China, number 8 is considered as the number of prosperity.

Number 9 Meaning

This number is a sacred number. It is also commonly referred to as the number of magic and harmony. In the Pythagorean system, 9 is considered as unlucky and called as the ennead.

The number 9 is believed to be the number of heavens. There is an outstanding harmony that can be noticed in this number. When you multiply any number to 9 and add up all the following digits, you will always end up with the number 9.

For example: 9×7= 63= 6+3= 9.

Meaning Of The Number 10

Generally, the number 10 should be considered as 1, as 1+0=1. However, 10 has its own significance and importance. This number is known as the number of completion.

The Pythagoreans believe that 10 is the holiest number among all the numbers. Number 10 represents the completion of a cycle.

In Hinduism, just as there is God of creation, the Lord Brahma, there is also the God of destruction, the Shiva. This is considered as important in the role of creation, knowing that before something can be rebuilt, one must first be destroyed. Both are considered as holy and in accordance with the divine will.

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